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Below is a cover page letter that late Director William T. Wilkins wrote in support of the NJBSF's cause in July of 2002. The Foundation began during his directorship, and we will continue to make strides in advancing the program now, as we did under his leadership and cooperation.

Friends of Jersey Boys State,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey Boys State Foundation, I am pleased to report that the New Jersey Boys State Program is stronger than ever. The 58th session of Jersey Boys State held in 2002 was one of our most successful in recent years, with over 840 statesmen in attendance. This report will provide an overview of the Boys State program and the Foundation, familiarize our supporters with our objectives, and clearly state our financial position.

New Jersey Boys State is one of the country's premier citizenship training programs. Boys State has been developed on the central philosophy that students learn best through active and collaborative teaching methods. We have been recognized nationally for our innovative style and training expertise.

Over the last 58 years, 30,000 Jersey Boys State participants have benefited from the efforts of Boys State's dedicated volunteer staff. Many former Boys Staters are now successful, productive citizens who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and citizenship. Most of these participants point to Boys State as a catalyst for their success. The vast majority of them will tell you that their time spend at Jersey Boys State was truly "A Week That Shape the Future."

The New Jersey Boys State Foundation was independently formed by Boys State's volunteer staff members for the betterment of the program, and has been approved as a 501(c)(3) charitable not-for-profit organization. The goal of the Foundation is to continuously improve the top-quality educational expieience that Boys State currently provides for its participants. By building an endowment for the benefit of the American Legion Jersey Boys State program, we seek to enhance the program and its curriculum, offer scholarships, and ensure the financial stability of Jersey Boys State well into the future.

The Foundation is determined to build on the success of past years and to provide the youth of New Jersey with the same high-caliber program that their predeccessors have been fortunate to experience. This report is designed to provide our supporters with the information they need to best determine how they can assist us in reaching our future goals. I hope this report will inspire everyone to join us in supporting this worthwhile endeavor.


Bill Wilkins
Trustee, New Jersey Boys State Foundation
Director, New Jersey Boys State Program


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