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Why the NJBSF formed

Those who have participated in the Boys State program consistently come away with a deep and lasting understanding of how government works. It's a youth program that builds confidence and self esteem, while fostering a sense of connectedness and strong community. It's designed, truly, to be "A Week That Shapes the Future." For more than 69 years, the Jersey Boys State program has worked to change how young people participate in our democracy. We actively teach - in a weeklong, hands-on, college-level seminar for high-school juniors - the nuts and bolts of American democracy. Our goal is to forge in our delegates a life-long connection and respect for local, state and national government.

The Foundation was independently formed by members of the volunteer staff of Jersey Boys State back in 1999 for the betterment of the program. We seek to continuously improve the top-quality educational expieience that Jersey Boys State currently provides for its participants.


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