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Gifts-in-kind Donations to NJBSF

A major part of the Jersey Boys State program over the past six sessions has been the integrated technology. The Technology Committee has been hard at work to procure donations of gifts-in-kind laptop computers, and working tablets, for use for the one-week session.
Due to the diligence of the Committee members, Trustees and JBS staff as a whole, since 2009 two computers and a printer have been deployed to each of the 18 JBS cities so the delegates can produce city and county manuals, write speeches and research issues presented to them.

The Technology Committee is willing to accept your laptop computers or tablets purchased in the last 5-7 years.

The Technology Committee places a version of Linux on each workstation, thus valid Windows or Apple licenses are not necessary.

Please contact us at or if you would like to donate your equipment!

Federal EIN: 22-3675313


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