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The NJBSF Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is no doubt our busiest committee to date. Over 6,000 hours have been volunteered by members of this committee to create the technology used at Jersey Boys State since 2004. As part of the Boys State continuous quality improvement effort, we have integrated and will further integrate technology into the administration and implementation of our program. The program relies heavily on computers, technology services, and telecommunications equipment and services to efficiently administer the heavy workload required to teach and counsel Boys State citizens. In addition, we maintain our own web site at (and Among other things, we utilize our web site to post program updates and election results to keep friends, family, alumni and supporters actively engaged in the program.

We seek to further integrate and harness technology throughout the Boys State program to facilitate and enhance the learning process. Through generous donations in the past five years, our Technology committee has been able to place 2 computers in all 18 Jersey Boys State cities and one shared printer for the delegates to create campaign materials, create city and county manuals to reflect their work in the political and civic process throughout the one-week event, and draft resolutions for circulation. The manuals and websites the delegates are able to create with the award-winning, free technology implemented by the Committee are then used to gauge the effectiveness of the teachings in the hands-on process. Through generous donations in especially the past 2 years, 2 laptop computers were deployed throughout the campus for Boys State for 2009. Currently our vision is set on obtaining digital cameras and more laptop computers which would significantly enhance the current experience, enabling our statesmen to fully harness their creative potential.


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