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The Legacy Scholarship Program

The Legacy Scholarship program is a unique opportunity to fund the cost of one delegate in perpetuity! A gift of $5,000 or more from an individual or corporation ensures that a delegate seat is reserved in your name at American Legion Jersey Boys State forever.

Over the years, 14 scholarships have been fully funded with another 6 yet to be fulfilled in honor of these friends of the Jersey Boys State program. We thank the following for making Legacy Scholarship donations:

Fred LiCausi in memory of his son Peter LiCausi - Former JBS Governor
Mr. & Mrs. William Budney in memory of their son Brad Budney - Former JBS Governor
Mr. & Mrs. Michael King in honor of Michael's Grandfather a WWII veteran
Dr. Lombardi in honor of his son Stuart Lombardi - 2004 JBS Governor
The JBS Staff in honor of all ALJBS delegates, past and present
Mr. William G. McGrath - Legionnaire
The JBS Staff in honor of the NJ Boys State Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. David Bagatelle in honor of the NJBSF and JBS staff
E. Drew Britcher, Esq. - Former Boys Nation Senator
Family and Friends of George H. Zweir Jr. - Legionnaire and father of Trustee Bill Zweir
Family of Louise Brown - aunt of Trustee Bill Zweir
The Robert & Ethel Shipe Memorial Scholarship - grandparents of Trustee Brian Epstein
Friends and Family of Fred LiCausi - former NJBSF Trustee
Family of Byron Goundrey - 2005 JBS Governor
*The 2014 JBS Staff in honor of all delegates past and present
*Friends and Family of William T. Wilkins in honor of former ALJBS Director and founding NJBSF Trustee
*Warren Bagatelle - Legionnaire and Father of David Bagatelle, JBS Director
*Friends of Major John Hunt, Retired NJ State Police
*JBS Staff, Family and Friends in honor of Gregory Telischak - former ALJBS Assistant Director and founding NJBSF Trustee
*Family and Friends of Henry C. Everett - grandfather of Trustee James Lynch

* - indicates scholarship is not fully funded at present, please feel free to donate towards these funds by clicking the image below.


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